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Ebook PhotoShop Actions

One of the most popular ways to create a 3D ebook cover image is to use PhotoShop actions. These special files must be loaded into PhotoShop or Gimp before they can be used.

Once loaded, it is a simple matter to load your 2D ebook cover and spine images, and with a click, generate a 3D ebook cover image.

PhotoShop actions are comprised of pre-recorded designer commands. When played back through PhotoShop or Gimp, you can watch your 2D images be transformed into 3D images in the blink of an eye -- assuming you have the right software and adequate RAM in your desktop or laptop computer.

There are many PhotoShop action collections available. You should shop around for the one that is most appropriate for your product image needs.

Need more info about designing your own ebook cover first? Download a copy of Designing Ebook Covers to learn the ropes about ebook cover design before you start your first project.