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Ebook Cover Software

There are many different ebook cover software packages available to help you design a good looking ebook cover; however, most of them assume you have already designed a good 2D cover image.

You see, while software exists to transform a flat 2D image into a 3D photo realistic ebook cover, no software exists to actually design the look and feel of the actual ebook cover.

While you can start with a template and customize it, it really pays to make your ebook cover design unique. Starting from scratch is the best way.

step by step

This can be a laborious process as you choose your colors, pick your type fonts and styles, identify and place your graphic elements and finally create your 2D cover and spine.

Once your 2D cover and spine are created, you can import them into an ebook cover software tool, choose your layout (hard cover, soft cover, CD, DVD, etc.) and render your final 3D ebook design.

Puzzled where to start? Why not learn from a pro and pick up a copy of Designing Ebook Covers?