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Ebook Cover Design

Ebook cover designers are usually your best choice whenever you lack the right graphic tools or practical graphic design experience.

So many people make the mistake of assuming all they need is the right software or the right template to create a professional design. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You still need to have a sense of what looks good, what will capture the attention of a prospective buyer, and what will work in small sizes -- remember, most covers are displayed about the size of a postage stamp on Amazon and other web sites.

Frequently, a new author will design a cover that's impossible to read by adding too much text and too many graphic elements. Less is more in all cases, and the simpler the design the better.

Many people reason that creating their own ebook cover design will save them the cost of hiring a professional ebook cover designer; however, what cost do you put on hours wasted on poor design or learning new software tools?

If you must design your own ebook cover, we recommend you check out Designing Ebook Covers first. Then purchase a copy of Adobe PhotoShop or download a free copy of Gimp. After you spend a few hours learning the basics of the software, you might be in a better position to create your own cover.

If you'd prefer to maximize your time and energy and allow an experienced ebook cover designer to do the work for you, then be sure to check out Ebook Cover Artist and Software Box Designer.