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EZ Ebook Templates

If you publish ebooks you need to create a professional looking product or people won't buy it, or if they do buy it they'll complain afterwards.

EZ Ebook Templates solves this problem by providing you with a growing collection of well-designed templates you can use to layout and design your next ebook.

EZ Ebook Templates require you to use Open Office from Sun Microsystems -- a cross-platform, free office suite that closely resembles its higher-price competitor. Microsoft Office.

I'm showing you just a small sample of the templates here because there are too many great-looking graphical treatments. The templates include table of contents and cover pages and regular pages. They come in a wide array of colors and designs and they are very to use with Open Office.

To see more of the growing collection of EZ Ebook Templates -- there are presently six packs available -- hope on over here to learn more.